Haris Ahmed | Chicago | What Can a PR Consultant Do for You?

Haris Ahmed, Chicago: What a PR Consultant Can Do for Your Company

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Haris Ahmed, Chicago-based management consultant has worn many hats in his professional career; from public speaker to executive coach, and now founder and CEO of Pragmatium Consulting Group, Inc. As a recognized authority in change management and organizational leadership, he has been approached countless times by various companies from different industries seeking his advice on business matters, such as public relations, advertising, and marketing.

While companies recognize the importance of building a reputable public image, and reaching out to audiences through various media platforms, a lot of them choose in-house PR services instead of outsourcing them, mostly because they want to save on PR costs. In the end, however, a poorly developed and executed in-house PR campaign could actually double their costs. If you’re still wondering if you should hire the services of an external PR consultant, here are a few factors that could change your mind:

Apart from having years of experience and the expertise to deliver results-driven services, a PR consultant can:

1. Look at your business from two different points of view. From the outside looking in, things will look different. Where you only see things from the perspective of the business owner or management executive, a PR consultant will see beyond these, and see things from both sides of the spectrum: as a stakeholder and as a consumer. And these will greatly help in developing a strategic PR campaign.

2. Provide you with a wide range of services, specific to your needs. Do you need to work on your online reputation? Do you want to develop a campaign for your current push product? Is your website lacking relevant content? All of these will be properly addressed by the PR consultant and his or her team, with each member possessing highly specialized skills specific to each PR strategy; from content writing to social media management, and more.

3. Address consumer complaints promptly. Nothing is more important to a consumer than being acknowledged. If they took the time to send feedback about your products or services, especially one that gears towards strong dissatisfaction, a prompt response is critical to your reputation. Leave the complaints unaddressed for long periods and you might just soon find yourself in what PR experts consider as a PR nightmare.

In the same manner, a PR consultant can effectively and efficiently address unforeseen events that could damage your reputation. In today’s technology-driven consumer environment, prompt responses and immediate action are critical to your survival. If there’s one thing that you should focus on going viral, for instance, it should be your positive feedback; not customer complaints.

These are but three of the many things that an outsourced PR consultant can do for your business. The time to take charge of your public image is now. And it all starts with finding the best PR consultant for you.

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