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Haris Ahmed Chicago Consultant: Hire the Best People for Your Team

In one of his posts, Haris Ahmed, founder of Chicago-based Pragmatium Consulting, Inc, a management consulting firm, talked about the importance of having the right team to ensure the successful launch of a startup. You also need the right team to establish the company as a worthy competitor in your industry. Finding the right people to fill in key positions in the company is one of the responsibilities of an organizational leader. A good business leader can ‘smell’ talent a mile away.

But talent isn’t all that’s needed in the workplace. There are other factors that must be considered as well to ensure that peak performance and productivity will be achieved. For Haris Ahmed, Chicago management consultant, soft skills are even more important than talent. In this post, he shares the top three factors that business leaders should consider during the hiring process:

1. Be as specific as possible about job details. When you’re vague about the job description, you’ll most likely receive a barrage of applications from the wrong candidates. You’ll want to be as clear and specific as possible about what the job entails, and the expertise, talents, and experiences that you’re looking for in a candidate. In other words, if you simply say that you need a good salesperson, you’ll most likely have applicants with zero sales experience in a professional capacity. Don’t waste your time and theirs by being vague about who you want.

2. Take note of the applicant’s soft skills. While you do want someone who has years of solid experience relevant to the position, you shouldn’t dismiss the importance of soft skills. One of the business leaders Haris Ahmed had the privilege of collaborating with mentioned that job skills can be acquired and developed, but soft skills (the ability to work with others, be a team player, creativity, analytical thinking, and so on) are the internal make up of a person. In other words, these are part of his or her character—the personality. Pay attention to the applicants’ soft skills because they can tell you how they will fare working with a team, and working under pressure.

3. Don’t rush through interviews. You may have a lot on your plate, and you feel pressured to accomplish a million things within a specific deadline, but know that if you rush through interviews, you may not be able to truly see the candidate sitting across from you. You could either miss out on an excellent candidate or you could end up hiring someone who’s totally wrong for the position. Take the time to hold relevant interviews and discussions with each candidate. The interview process deserves as much of your time as every other urgent task that you need to accomplish.

Also, welcome and encourage questions from the applicants.

For Haris Ahmed and his Chicago-based management consulting team, these three factors should help give you a good head start in finding the right employees for your organization.

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