Haris Ahmed, Chicago: Finding the Best Consultant for the Company

Haris Ahmed of Chicago on How to Find the Best Management Consultant for You

Haris Ahmed of Chicago has been successfully running his own management consultancy firm for many years now. Through his team of professional consultants, each with their own expertise and specialized skillset, he has helped countless businesses become more effective in their internal operations. At the same time, ha has also helped companies improve their performance and enhance their profits. Here he talks about the key points to remember when hiring a management consultant.

First of all, what does a management consultant do? In a nutshell, a management consultant helps companies in the following general areas: business strategy, organizational structure, operations, and employee performance and productivity. A consultant identifies factors that have caused internal and external problems, develops a plan, and oversees its implementation. The consultant also works to clearly convey the company’s mission and vision to the employees and makes sure that all employees have taken these to heart—which spills over to their overall performance.

When hiring a consultant, there are five steps that you need to do first. These are the following:

1. Define your goals and objectives. Make a list of all your concerns to let the consultant know which areas you want them to focus on. Clearly define what they’re expected to deliver, and attach a timeline to each item on the list.

2. Ask for a written proposal. During your initial meeting with the potential consultant, you will discuss with them your specific concerns, goals, and objectives as mentioned in no. 1. From here, ask the consultant to provide you with a written proposal so you can have a general idea of how they plan to address your concerns. This will also give you an idea of their level of expertise.

3. Ask for references. If the consultant is confident about their performance, they will be more than willing to provide you with references from previous clients they have successfully worked with. Make sure to do a background check first before the actual hiring.

4. Review the contract; check the fine print. Ask your legal department to go over the contract to check if the terms are mutually beneficial. Make sure to fully understand all the stipulations included in the contract to avoid issues in the future.

5. Ask about their fees and other costs. You want a consultant who sticks to the budget. Make sure that all fees and other costs are clearly defined in the contract. If there is a stipulation that states that other fees may be charged where applicable, have the consultant clearly define this term of the contract.

Additionally, you want someone you can work with. In other words, you want a consultant whom you have chemistry with. You are going to be working side by side with the consultant, and effective communication is an important factor here.

Finally, don’t go with the first consultant that you meet. Check your options. Your choice of consultant can either help you achieve your goals or drain your pockets so choose wisely.

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