Haris Ahmed | Chicago | 3 Reasons Why You Need a PR Consultant for Media

Haris Ahmed, Chicago: Top 3 Reasons for Hiring a PR Consultant for Media Relations

Haris Ahmed, Chicago consultant, founder and CEO of Pragmatium Consulting Group, Inc. knows that maintaining good relationships with media personnel is critical for businesses. If there’s positive news about your company, you’d want this to be immediately disseminated through proper media channels, and your media relations consultant can make this happen. But that’s just one reason for hiring the services of a PR consultant for media relations. Haris Ahmed of Chicago shares more below.

A PR consultant has many different roles and provides a variety of services, from organizing events for advertising to developing strategic campaigns for marketing, and helping clients and companies maintain a good public image. The one thing that serves a critical purpose for all these has to do with the media, which is why one of the most crucial roles a PR consultant could ever undertake is that of a media relations manager, strategist, or liaison officer. Whatever the label you put into this role, one thing remains the same: the PR consultant will ensure that your company’s relationship with the media remains in good standing for the long term.

Here are three more reasons why you need to consider hiring the services of a PR consultant for your media relations:

1. They know key media people. A PR consultant with years of experience in handling media relations for clients will most likely know everyone in the media industry; from print to radio, TV, and even social media (usually influencers). What this means for you is that you would have done away with the legwork since you will no longer need to go out and introduce yourself to the media. You’ve skipped the introduction process completely—or at least reduced it greatly.

2. They know the ins and outs of the media industry. There are certain protocols that must be followed in order to have a news story about you printed in publications, aired on the radio, or mentioned on a TV show. Unless you’re willing to shell out tens of thousands of dollars for paid advertising, you should consider a media relations PR consultant because they know how to work out deals on your behalf—deals that could save you on advertising costs. They are also familiar with publication schedules and deadlines, and the type of content that will be picked up by the media, as well as the protocols for each media outlet or platform.

3. They know how to handle requests for interviews. If a news story about you broke out, whether good or bad, and the media is requesting for interviews or at least an official statement from you regarding a recent incident or event, the PR consultant will address each of these for you. They will face the press, guide you through the interview, and basically be the go-to resource for related information.

Haris Ahmed of Chicago would also like to add that given the complexity of media relations, a professional PR consultant is your best shot at paving the way for mutually beneficial relationship between your company and the media.



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